January 9, 2019

Our Story

The Quantum LegioGuard story is based on innovation and the quest to harness renewable energy to produce safe sustainable water distribution systems. The origins of the company date back to the mid 1970’s when extensive research was under taken by the University of Melbourne in the development of heat pump technology. With over 40 years of on-going product development and its focus within the global health sector, Quantum LegioGuard is part of the ASX listed Quantum Health Group Limited, a leading international Healthtcare equipment and solutions provider with direct subsidiaries in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Worldwide there is a significant increase in the number of reported Legionella detections, especially within the health and aged-care sector. This is primarily due to ineffective traditional water management technologies. Quantum LegioGuard acknowledges that legionella bacteria sits dormant in cold water until the optimum conditions are created i.e.; temperature, stagnant water, and food source.

Currently, the health and aged-care sectors attempt various methods of Legionella control including TMV’s (thermostatic mixing valves), point of use TMV’s, UV (ultra violet) warm water systems, and disinfectants including chlorination. Given that the frequency of Legionella detections is on the rise, clearly these methods are not fully successful.

Having identified the faults in current technologies, Quantum began developing a water system to eradicate Legionella in water distribution systems. After extensive R & D, testing and certification Quantum has developed a range of LegioGuard systems; unique patented sanitised water distribution systems, proven to offer the ultimate in Legionella control in any commercial environment. LegioGuard systems are designed to heat all incoming potable water to a facility to approximately 70˚C therefore killing Legionella and other bacteria.