January 10, 2019

Quantum Flush


Quantum Flush is another Quantum LegioGuard product used in the fight against legionella and other pathogens. Its a  non-toxic organic composition for cleaning, disinfecting and controlling bacterial growth in potable water systems, industrial water systems, water cooling systems, surfaces, and potentially skin. A hyper-salinated acetic acid based solution which acts as a descaler, removing biofilm and alkaline carbonate compounds from copper and PEX type pipe systems. Quorum sensing inhibitors provide antibacterial and antifungal properties with broad spectrum of activity against pseudomonas and others.

Facilities across the world are increasingly reporting positive tests for Legionella and other bacteria using all available technologies- warm water with UV treatment, Thermostatic  Mixing Valves (TMV) in cabinet style, point of use TMV, disinfection including chlorination and copper silver ionisation. These existing methods of removing Legionella bacteria are not 100% effective, with evidence showing Legionella can return in greater quantities. There is a heavy reliance on regular maintenance being performed post treatment, and some are even dangerous –such as high strength chlorination, high temperature flushing.

Quantum Flush works by penetrating the biofilm, damaging the cell wall and membrane, causing it to lose its integrity, leading to cell lysis, leakage of cell contents, – bacteria die rapidly and are released into the water flow to be flushed down the drain.

Testing of Quantum Flush against cold water at 10% concentration showed a 100% reduction of biofilm, whilst testing of Quantum Flush in an existing warm water (43 degC) system at 25% concentration showed a 100% reduction of biofilm .


Many aged-care and hospital facilities have successfully used Quantum Flush as an organic, chemical free alternative to traditional flushing methods such as, high strength chlorination or high temperature hot water.

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