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Quantum LegioGuard

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LegioGuard is the answer

Dual Effect Heat Pump (DEHP) technology developed by Quantum LegioGuard sets new standards in legionella control with its patented process to heat and cool water simultaneously. This results in thermally sanitised hot and cold water supply to a facility in an energy efficient manner. Coupled with constant and accurate temperature control through the unique four port mixing valve, Quantum LegioGuard is the industry leader in safe, sanitised and reliable cold and warm water delivery. Utilising Quantum LegioGuard’s DEHP technology, LegioGuard systems heat all incoming potable water to approximately 70˚C and simultaneously cool a portion of the 70˚C water to between 15-20˚C for supply to the facility. All the cold water for amenities passes through the heating process, thereby cold water in the facility is sanitised. LegioGuard systems mix the sanitised hot water and cold water with a large mixing valve (up to 380 litres per minute), distributing sanitised warm water.

  • LegioGuard systems sanistise all water supplying fixtures within the facility

  • Reduced maintenance requirements equals lower costs and less facility down-time. No end of line TMV's, UV disinfection, chlorination or chemical dosing necessary

  • Energy Efficient water sourced heat pump with favourable COP's (coefficient of performance)

  • Legionella Performance Warranty available


LegioGuard has been subjected to extensive testing by Flinders University microbiology department, wherein a warm water test circulating system was constructed to mirror a typical hospital or aged care facility. The circulating system, which incorporated a shower, basin and washing machine outlets, was infected with biofilms and Legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria introduced into the system was not detectable in any sampling point post the LegioGuard system. Legionella entering the LegioGuard system are rapidly rendered non-viable or killed before distribution to outlets.


The complete LegioGuard systems are Watermarked to Australian standards. Watermark Certificate to AS3498 WMKA25313


LegioGuard systems can be sized to suit any daily demands. Talk to us to discuss the facility and its daily water requirements.